Training Program Methodology

Competitive Computing Consultants Inc. Training Program Framework aimed at user adoption.

We at Competitive Computing Consultants Inc. have a methodology that can easily be inserted within any Office 365 and Cisco Webex Initiative or Transformation. There are three key phases/steps that lead you to a successful user adoption.

Step 1 - Training Approach

We engage in an authoritative process that formalizes the end-to-end training needs, product scope, intended business scenarios to be realized, deliverables, training materials and training delivery methods.  The formal process ensures that all inputs needed to ensure training expectations are met are gathered and formalized.  

Step 2 - Training Materials

Based on the formal Training Approach, the required training materials that will be used in the delivery of training are created, reviewed by key stakeholders for completeness, and base lined to be used in the delivery of training.  The training materials will come in the form of Video Series, Training Decks, Primers and Quick Reference Guides.  

Step 3 – Training Delivery

Users are engaged in training sessions to learn about Office 365 or Webex product features/functionality, and how to use either to meet the needs of organizational/departmental Business Scenarios.