Training-as-a-Service, eLearning, Portal, and LMS Services by Competitive Computing Consultants Inc.

Our Managed Training services is made up of a full range of subscription-based offerings in the areas of Managed LMS/eLearning Portal, on call trainers, and training material maintenance.  You can either subscribe to the full range or select the areas that you require.  

Managed LMS Services

This service offering allows organizations to access a fully branded Learning Management System through our Managed LMS Services.  Check out our service offering at  Competitive Computing Consultants Inc. will manage and operate your learning environment, freeing you up to manage your organization’s learning experience.  We will be your arms and legs in the end-to-end operations of your LMS, assist you with developing the courses and modules, manage user access and assist where needed to produce training materials.  

On Call Trainers

For those organizations that want training to be delivered on a set schedule, this service offering guarantees the availability of trainers to deliver your training sessions to meet that schedule.    

Training Material Maintenance

Because of the dynamic nature of modern-day platforms like Office 365 and Webex, training materials can become stale very quickly.  Have Competitive Computing Consultants Inc. manage all updates related to existing and new product features.  This service offering implements a process whereby all changes to training materials are updated monthly or quarterly, formalized by your stakeholders, and introduced to the learning environment seamlessly.